List of best anonymous hosting

Best Anonymous Hosting Providers

There is one main reason why people choose for anonymous hosting. Although it is more expensive than regular hosting, anonymous hosting providers do not ask for personal details. And without personal details, it is far more complicated to have online data traced back to you. Essentially, with anonymous hosting, you’re paying for untraceability.

Before we jump into our list of the best anonymous hosting providers (Warning: there are only a few), we first have to analyze what the qualities are of a good anonymous hosting provider. For this we have made a short list.

#1 A good anonymous hosting provider only accepts encrypted currency.

Encrypted currencies like Bitcoin should be the only payment option. If an anonymous hosting provider has PayPal, bank transfer, or anything non-encrypted, they can easily be traced. And this not only puts them in danger of getting exposed, but you as well. If they were to be tracked down by an organization, they can then monitor the activities of their clients without your knowledge. More dangerously, they can easily trace these payments back to you.

So why do they do this? Surely these anonymous hosting providers know about this risk that can lead to your exposure.

They do it to profit from people without an understanding about anonymity. Not many know what an encrypted currency is, but they still want to buy that feeling of being untraceable. It’s mostly a facade that many anonymous hosts try to sell.

#2 A good anonymous hosting provider offers full data privacy.

Quite often, a hosting provider has a master panel that can access your hosting at any time it wants. It can thus eavesdrop on what you’re doing inside your private space. Good anonymous hosting providers give you full data privacy and allow you to password-protect your hosting without even the provider being able to access it.

#3 A good anonymous hosting provider is offshore.

Using an offshore hosting provider comes with a few perks, which are essential to those who want to have anonymous hosting. Firstly, they ignore DMCA, and they have a wider content acceptability list.

Most people that will be using anonymous hosting are mostly doing something that will only be allowed on offshore hosting and not on regular hosting. This will avoid any unwanted surprises, like getting banned.

#4 A good anonymous hosting provider has its own private servers.

If an anonymous hosting provider is reselling hardware, this means he or she is renting hosting from a third-party and selling it to you for a profit. Most anonymous hosting providers do this because it’s incredibly expensive to invest in your own hardware and rent space in a datacentre. But the downfall of this reseller model is that these anonymous hosting providers are not in control of the servers. The owners of the servers are in control, and if this company gets even the slightest suspicion, or someone applies pressure to them, this anonymous reseller will disappear like it never existed.

Now that you’re a bit informed, I will use this list as a criteria to determine the best anonymous hosting providers.

Nr. 6 –


About VindoHosting: is located in Seychelles and they offer a range of hosting services. They have anonymous domains, anonymous web hosting, and anonymous virtual servers. Their prices are reasonable, starting with $10.00/month for web hosting and $30/month for anonymous virtual servers. They have a support section as well.

✓ Clear overview of what they offer.
✓ Reasonably priced.

✘ Resellers.
✘ Not truly anonymous. They accept credit card, PayPal, and many more.


Nr. 5 –

Anonymous Speech

About AnonymousSpeech: is primarily an anonymous mail provider. They are located in Switzerland. They also offer anonymous file sharing and anonymous VPN’s for those who are looking for that. As for hosting, they offer domains, shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers.

✓ Operating since 1996.
✓ Genuinely interested in helping their clients with freedom of speech.
✓ Wide variety that goes beyond

✘ Very expensive. Shared hosting prices start from $30.o0/month.
✘ Not truly anonymous. They Accept transparent payments like bank transfer.
✘ Resellers.


Nr. 4 –


About AnonymousHosting: is based in India. They have an intuitive website, and offer domains, web hosting and virtual servers. Their hosting plans are reasonably priced for an anonymous hosting provider. Their downside is that they are resellers, and that they accept PayPal, bank transfer, credit card, and several other transparent payments. Although not entirely anonymous, it reaches out to a specific segment of the market.

✓ Reasonably priced.
✓ Has support.
✓ Intuitive website.

✘ Resellers.
✘ Not truly anonymous. They Accept transparent payments.
✘ Not located in an offshore location.


Nr. 3 –

IT Itch

About ITItch: has been an anonymous hosting provider since 2013. They are from New Zealand. They’re probably one of the most well known hosting providers out there and not for a bad reason. They almost got everything right. Unlike most anonymous hosting provider, Ititch is a firm supporter of free speech and will take the extra length to help their clients.

✓ Only accepts Bitcoin.
✓ Offers a wide variety of plans: domains, web hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers.
✓ Has a support section.
✓ Cheap domains.

✘ They are a reseller from
✘ Expensive prices. Single domain web hosting starts from $70.80/year.
✘ Outdated website. Hard to navigate.
✘ Falsely claim to have unlimited plans.


Nr. 2 –

LibertyVPS was founded in 2013 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. They are one of the most popular offshore hosts given their affordable prices and high quality support. They offer offshore shared hosting, offshore linux VPS’s and offshore windows VPS’s.

✓ They have their own private servers.
✓ They offer full data privacy.
✓ Offer Windows VPS, which is high in demand.
✓ Affordable VPS prices.
✓ Overviewable website.

✘ No Livechat support.



About Anonymously: is the best anonymous hosting provider. They are located in the Netherlands. Following the criteria we have mentioned earlier, Anonymously passes all of them.

They are affordable, only accept Bitcoin, allow their clients full data privacy, are located in various datacenters in an offshore location, and most importantly, they have their own private servers.

The only minus point are their expensive domains. But that is perhaps just to cover the risk costs.

✓ They have their own private servers.
✓ They offer full data privacy.
✓ Only accept Bitcoin.
✓ Offer everything. From domains, to dedicated server management.
✓ Affordable prices. Web hosting starts from $4.95/month and it allows you 5 domains.
✓ 30-day money back guarantee
✓ Easy-to-navigate website.

✘ Expensive domains.


And there you have it. A list of the best anonymous hosting providers.