Top 5 Best Iceland Hosting Providers

Top 5 Best Iceland Hosting Providers

As more and more leaks continue to surface, everyone, from the general public to large corporations, are falling victim to anti-privacy laws. While the ambiguity on privacy in the US and EU continues, many internet savvy users are turning to Iceland – a country independent of Europe.

As a result, Iceland has become a very popular offshore destination for hosting data. Here’s why:

Iceland does not hold user data

Since the Data Protection Act in 1998, strict protocols to digital privacy protection have been implemented. Hosts, ISP’s, and cell service providers are no longer required to hold your personal user data. Iceland is part of this Act.

There is virtually no Internet Censorship in Iceland

It ranks number 1 out of 138 countries in accessibility of digital content, receiving a score of 6.62 out of 7. 1 being no digital accessibility at all. Censorship is strictly prohibited by Iceland, and it’s a value among Iceland’s people to protect freedom of expression, which extends to the use of the Internet.

Iceland values Freedom of Speech more than the United States

As of 2016 it also ranks number 19 in the Press Freedom Index, with the US placing rank 41 in comparison. Iceland is also subject to neither the US nor EU court system (where a vast majority of DMCA takedowns originate from), meaning unless an Icelandic judge takes their side, your sites not going anywhere.

Iceland has great Internet to the world

It’s also connected directly to North America and Europe using submarine cabling and redundant fiber optic connections, with a ping from NYC to Iceland reported to be as low 41ms. Iceland is also the world leader in fiber internet deployment.

Iceland's optical fiber cables connecting to the US and Europe

Iceland’s optical fiber cables connecting to the US and Europe

Because Iceland is such a great data-storage location, we have compiled a list of the best Iceland hosting providers on the Internet. We’ve looked at pricing for shared hosting, VPS, as well as uptime, customer service, and services offered. Click here if you are interested in dedicated servers in Iceland.

Nr. 5 –

Internoc24 LLC is an American registered hosting provider founded by two brothers in 2007 – or so they claim. According to, their website was registered in 2010. They offer offshore hosting, which implies that they are more liberal in what they allow on their servers. They resell all their hosting from Iceland, France, Netherlands, and the USA.

They earn the last place because they are resellers and thus do not own any of their servers.

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Nr. 4 –

DataCell, established in Reykjavik, is a relatively small Icelandic hosting provider that began in 2010. Since then, they have expanded to Switzerland as well.

DataCell primarily offers custom solutions. As far as pre-established setups, they only offer VPS services starting at a modest $20.16 per month, and that’s about it. Even though they don’t offer many turnkey solutions, we felt they deserved to be in this list because they’re the only provider with an emphasis on customization. With the large amount of content on the web, and its constantly growing size, a one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t always work, and that’s where shows its strength.

Virtual Private Servers
Server configurationm (basic price starts at 19.00)
CPU/Processor Dual Intel Xeon 5500 Quad Core
Virtualisation Technology Hardware virtualisation (powered by KVM)
Memory (Guaranteed) 512 MB (Standard)
1024 MB (+€5 per month)
2048 MB (+€10 per month)
4096 MB (+€15 per month)
8192 MB (+€30 per month)
Virtual CPU cores 1 core (Standard)
2 cores (Included with 1024 MB RAM)
3 cores (Included with 2048 MB RAM)
4 cores (Included with 4096 MB RAM)
6 cores (Included with 8192 MB RAM)
Disk space 10 GB (Standard)
+10 GB (+€1 per month)
Monthly traffic 100 GB (Standard)
+100 GB (+€12 per month)
Overuse is billed monthly at €0.20 per GB
Bandwidth 1 Gbps on fair-share basis
Dedicated bandwidth available (contact us)
IP Addresses 1 IPv4 inclusive (Icelandic range)
Additional IP at €7 per month each
IP-range assignment available (contact us)
Server access Full root/administrative access
Via SSH/Remote Desktop
Technical support 24/7/365 via email

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Nr. 3 –

1984Hosting also began in Reykjavic, Iceland, but not in 1984 as their name might make you believe. They launched in 2006 by a group of civil rights enthusiasts. The infrastructure used by 1984hosting is charged by renewably energy. Their mission, as they state on their website, is to offer high-quality hosting services at an affordable price, while also respecting and protecting civil and political rights of their customers.

While 1984Hosting offers no dedicated servers, they do offer shared hosting and VPS’s. This is what you can get:

Shared hosting (this is their only option):
Unlimited disk storage
Unlimited FTP accounts
Unlimited MySQL databases
Unlimited parked domains
Unlimited subdomains
€85.56/year (€7.13/mo)

Most expensive Bitcoin VPS:
4 x Intel Xeon Processor
1024MB RAM
16GB Storage
200GB/month Transfer

Overall they offer a respectable service at a respectable price, all while keeping your personal information and data safe from prying eyes, which is something not a lot of hosts can offer.

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Nr. 2 –

Dmca ignored hosting Flokinet

Launched in 2012, Iceland hosting provider Flokinet was created with the intention of offering people freedom of speech. Flokinet offers a wide variety of data-storage services, including shared hosting, VPS, dedicated servers and domains. Since 2012, Flokinet has expanded to Romania and Finland as well, and you can select in which country you wish to be located. All prices and configurations mentioned below are in Iceland:

Iceland Shared Hosting

Iceland I
One-time setup 5.00
2GB SSD Webspace
50GB Traffic
2 MySQL Databases

Iceland II
One-time setup 5.00
4GB SSD Webspace
100GB Traffic
4 MySQL Databases

Iceland III
One-time setup 5.00
6GB SSD Webspace
200GB Traffic
8 MySQL Databases

Iceland VPS

VPS Iceland I
1GB RAM Memory
200GB Traffic

VPS Iceland II
2GB RAM Memory
300GB Traffic

VPS Iceland III
4GB RAM Memory
400GB Traffic

Iceland Dedicated Servers
Processor RAM Memory Storage Traffic Uplink Starting Price
Intel Xeon E5-2407 16GB 2x2TB 2TB 1 Gbit €209.00/month
Intel Xeon E3-1240 v3 8GB 2x2TB 2TB 1 Gbit €1849.00/semi-annual
Intel Xeon E5-2450v2 12GB 2x2TB 2TB 1 Gbit €3390/semi-annual

As far as reliability, they claim to offer 99.9% uptime and above average support.

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Nr. 1 –

Finally, we have OrangeWebsite taking first place on our list. OrangeWebsite was launched in Reykjavic in 2009. OrangeWebsite beats the competition in price, hardware, and service. With shared hosting starting at $3.62 per month, they are cheaper than anyone else we could find. To top it off, this cheap service offers 100Gb of monthly traffic, DDoS protection, a free site builder, cPanel, and a one click installer for popular CMS’s.

Iceland Hosting

Bronze Plan
1GB Web Space
100GB Monthly Traffic
0 addon domains
3 subdomains
5 FTP accounts
2 MySQL databases

Silver Plan
3GB Web Space
300GB Monthly Traffic
2 addon domains
8 subdomains
Unlimited FTP accounts
10 MySQL databases

Gold Plan
6GB Web Space
600GB Monthly Traffic
4 addon domains
20 subdomains
Unlimited FTP accounts
20 MySQL databases

Platinum Plan
20GB Web Space
2000GB Monthly Traffic
10 addon domains
100 subdomains
Unlimited FTP accounts
50 MySQL databases

Iceland VPS

Virtual Server – Level 1
16GB Disk Space
2 CPU Core
200GB Monthly Traffic
1 Dedicated IP

Virtual Server – Level 2
24GB Disk Space
2 CPU Core
300GB Monthly Traffic
1 Dedicated IP

Virtual Server – Level 3
1024MB RAM
32GB Disk Space
3 CPU Core
400GB Monthly Traffic
1 Dedicated IP

Virtual Server – Level 4
1536MB RAM
48GB Disk Space
4 CPU Core
600GB Monthly Traffic
1 Dedicated IP

OrangeWebsite prioritizes security, privacy, and customer service, while maintaining competitive prices.

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This was a list on the best Iceland hosting providers.