Where to Buy A Domain with Bitcoin?

Since its inception in 2009, Bitcoin has quickly become the most popular and efficient digital currency in the world. Some even perceive Bitcoin to be the future of money itself. While this notion might seem far-fetched, nonetheless this popular cryptocurrency continues to play an integral role in the way thousands of companies make global business transactions and interact with their customers.

More specifically, what’s so special about Bitcoin? In short, Bitcoin:

– Is a peer to peer decentralized currency

– Has a simple setup process

– Allows instant payments

– Has no central authority

– All transactions are managed and issued by the collective network of Bitcoin users

– Has zero transaction fees

– Makes staying anonymous much easier

Bitcoin P2P Network Visualization

Visualization of a Bitcoin P2P Network

Bitcoin Benefits

Apart from its standalone benefits, there are several advantages that come with using Bitcoin to purchase domain names. First off, registering domains with Bitcoin is just more convenient. There’s no pulling out your credit card and manually entering bank details. Just copy and paste your Bitcoin wallet number and you’re set.

The second benefit of buying domains with Bitcoin is the anonymity factor. The walls of internet privacy continue to be beaten and battered in the name of safety and security. Efforts to curtail a free and transparent internet are only likely to continue in the coming years.

A Good Example to Start Using Bitcoin in 2017

A good recent example of this is the UK Parliament’s Investigatory Powers Bill, appropriately nicknamed ‘Snoopers’ Charter’, which requires British internet and communications companies to retain their customers online browsing data for up to a year – where any of the UK’s 48 authoritative legal bodies will have free range access to track citizens. The law is due to go into effect sometime in 2017.

Even if you’re not located in the UK, being discreet about your domain purchases is still a good idea. As an example, let’s assume you’re not a supporter of recently elected US President Donald Trump, and want to buy a domain where you can voice your opinion. But is it really a good idea to use your name, credit card, and banking details to buy a domain like, which you plan to use as the medium to voice your own criticisms against the newest US President? Of course not! But by using Bitcoin to make your purchase, your personal information stays private and disconnected from the domain, and you can sleep in peace knowing your name isn’t being put on any watch-lists.

Now that you know why it’s an excellent idea to buy a domain with Bitcoin, let’s take a look at the top ten domain providers where you can buy a domain with Bitcoin. We took into account prices, number of extensions, international domain availability, as well as the reliability and legitimacy of the company itself.

Nr. 10 –

First up is, a Shanghai-based hosting company known for their award-winning services. WebHostingPad has over 120 available domain extensions. Their domain prices start at $14.99 for 1-year .com, .net, and .co extensions, with prices going up to $18.99 per year for .org domains. They also offer some of the best long-term registrations, a 10-year .com costs just $149.99 which is fairly cost-effective.

Final remarks:
Overall their 1-year domain prices are standard, but when you combine the fact that they offer over 100 extensions with their cheap long-term bulk prices, WebHostingPad deserves to be number 10 on this list.

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Nr. 9 – was founded in 2008 by a group of like-minded developers and entrepreneurs and boasts of having a worldwide client base over 60,000. Their servers are scattered across 8 countries, with their customer support team being regarded as one of the best in the industry. Host1Plus offers a total of 23 different top-level domains, including the majors alongside extensions such as .tv, .xxx,,, .club, .mobi, and more. Domain prices start at $10.25 per year, with .com’s costing $12.65 a year and some extensions going up as much as $49.99. Unfortunately, domains cannot be transferred to Host1Plus if they do not fall within one of their 23 compatible extensions.

Final remarks:
Their domain offering is limited, which is a negative trait if you plan on using a creative TLD. But their prices are reasonable and they have a positive track record among past users, thus their position at number 9 is justified.

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Nr. 8 –, a member of the Green Hosting initiative, has been in business for over 10 years. GlowHost outsources their domain registrations through, but due to the fact that InstaPro does not accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin users must register domains through GlowHost. With this said, InstaPro offers 45 different TLD’s. A few extension that stand out include .store ($79.99), .academy ($39.99), and .business ($9.99). Primary TLD’s like .com, .net, and .org, cost just $10.99. Their lowest-priced domains appear to be .me ($7.99) and .mobi ($6.99).

Final remarks:
Even though they use an outside registrar, GlowHost is a reliable company with a storied history. Their available TLD’s are not the biggest or most diverse, but their manageable price more than make up for it.

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Nr. 7 – has been in business since 2004. Their powerful HP and Supermicro servers located in nine countries across four continents are the perfect compliment to their reasonably-priced domains. QHoster offers over 100 domain name extensions, including all the popular TLD’s as well as a few very unique ones that stand out, such as ($169.95), .asia ($19.95), ($109.95), and ($169.95). They also have a variety of international domain extensions available – from Asia and Australia to New Zealand and Russia. Their .com, .net, and .org’s each cost just $9.95 for registrations, transfers, and renewals.

Final remarks:
Finding a good standard domain at a cheap price is fairly easy with Qhoster. The only downside to using Bitcoin to buy one of their domains is the fact that their exotic TLD’s tend to be high-priced compared to competitors.

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Nr. 6 – is one of three domain providers on this list who only accept Bitcoin payments. This company is spearheaded by a group of self-proclaimed tech geeks striving to offer the best hosting and domain services under their ‘No Bullshit Guarantee’ policy. BitcoinWebHosting offers over 100 domain extensions, with specialty extensions like .cc ($27.95), .name ($14.95), .tv ($39.95), and .co ($29.95). Available international TLD’s include .ca ($19.95), .de ($13.95), .nl ($13.95), .in ($14.95), and much more. The pricing of popular extensions like .com ($14.95), .org ($15.95), and .info ($13.95) are around the industry average.

Final remarks:
The only downside to buying BitcoinWebHosting TLD’s is that domain renewal cost’s run several dollars higher than what it costs to register or transfer a domain. But overall, BitcoinWebHosting has solid prices, respects privacy, and has a large domain extension offering.

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Nr. 5 – has been in business since 2004 and has data centers in the US, Netherlands, and in China. HawkHost offers an extensive array of 227 domain extensions, the largest number on this list. Popular .com, .net, .org, .biz, .eu, and even .name extensions each cost just $10.95 a year. HawkHost has a wide number of unique TLD’s, including extensions like .international ($19.95), .bike ($29.95), .land ($29.95), .shoes ($49.95), and .rip ($16.95). Their highest-priced domain appears to be .casino, which costs $124.95 a year. The bulk of their domain extensions cost between $10 – $30.

Final remarks:
Their infrastructure is well-maintained, staff is highly professional, their extensions are incredibly diverse, and their highly competitive prices make HawkHost an excellent company for buying domains with Bitcoin.

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Nr. 4 –

NameCheap is arguably the biggest brand name on this list. Since 2001 NameCheap has been the go-to resource for uncovering cost-effective domain names, and they have recently started accepting Bitcoin payments. NameCheap regularly holds special 88 cent domain deals, with the current promotion being applied to .club, .online, .site, .bid and .trade extensions.

Their .com’s cost $10.69 a year while .net and .org extensions currently cost $12.88 and $12.48 respectively. A few of their most popular international TLD’s include .tokyo ($11.88), .fr ($9.05), .uk ($7.58). Even if you don’t plan on using their hosting services, it’s worth checking out their constantly updated list of new extensions, such as .hockey ($39.88) or .fyi ($16.88).

Final remarks:
NameCheap is an innovator in the domain space one reason: their domains are some of the lowest-priced in the industry. Although if staying anonymous is an important factor for you in your decision, NameCheap isn’t the best option.

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Nr. 3 – is a hosting and domain service that accepts only Bitcoin. Every newly registered domain comes with a free email account, domain theft protection, unlimited mail forwards, and a sleek, easy to navigate control panel. Domains4Bitcoin has well over 200 competitively priced TLD’s available. 1-year .com’s cost just $8.59, (the lowest on this list), while .net’s cost $10.19 a year and .org’s – being the true value buy – run at $4.99. Their lowest-priced domains appear to be .xyz and .pm extensions, which cost $.99 and $2.99 respectively.

Final remarks:
Domains4Bitcoins is one of the few domain registrars on this list who offer bulk discounts and is compatible with over 50 different languages. Highly recommended service for active Bitcoin miners. The prices speak for themselves.

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Nr. 2 –


For those looking to buy a domain with Bitcoin wanting a completely anonymous experience, welcome to Their domain and hosting services can only be purchased with Bitcoin, and the only personal information they require is an email. Apart from their hosting, VPS, and private server packages, this Holland-based hosting service also has an extensive domain offering.

Users can choose from over 50 different domain extensions, with .com, .net, and .org’s each costing $34.95 a year. They have plenty of international TLD’s like, .eu, .de, .ca, .es, .fr, .in, and much more. Unique extensions that stand out include .xxx ($159.95), .clothing ($44.95), .graphics ($39.95), and .diamonds ($89.95). Domain renewals carry the same prices and transfers are free.

Final remarks:
While their domains are priced slightly higher compared to competitors, the benefit of buying an domain lies in their free Whois protection and with the fact that you’re using a company committed to privacy and user anonymity. Don’t expect for your website to be taken down over a single measly copyright complaint.

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Nr. 1 –

Since its 2013 inception, has experienced tremendous growth. Now with a global client base, this Netherlands-based hosting and domain provider has become well-known for their state of the art equipment, affordable prices, respect to privacy, and helpful customer service team. AbeloHost currently offers over 30 domain extensions. Each domain comes with an ID protection add-on, domain suspension protection, and they also give you a list of the best TLD’s to use to avoid the suspension of a domain through complaints and abuses.

The prices for popular domain extensions are as follows: .com’s are €13.59 ($14.40), .net’s cost €14.19 ($15.00), and .org’s are €14.49 ($15.35). Adult related domains such as .adult and .porn each cost €118.79 ($125.91) a year. A few of AbeloHost’s specialized geographic TLD’s include .amsterdam (€56.99) (not many domain providers offer this extension), .berlin (€66.49), .uk (€11.09), and .asia (€28.09). AbeloHost domain extensions cater to a wide variety of industries. From a food and drink domain in .beer and .bar to lifestyle domains in .fashion, .diet, or .club, there’s bound to be a TLD suited to your next project – all of it possible with the convenience and ease of Bitcoin payments.

Final remarks:
Their domain prices stay within the range of their competitors, but the commitment to anonymity, quality, and professionalism is what makes continue to stand apart from other domain providers who accept Bitcoin.

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This was a list about where to buy a domain with Bitcoin.