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Georgia web hosting

Quick Facts

Internet Speed: 15.8 Mbps downlink; 9.4 Mbps uplink

Population: 10.31 million

Internet Coverage: 85% of residents

Main Internet services: Cable, DSL, Fiber

Main Internet Service Providers: Comcast, AT&T, Shelby Broadband

Colocation Datacenters: 40

Colocation Market: Secondary, with much potential for further development

Internet in Georgia

According to, the average downlink Internet speed in Georgia is 15.8 Mbps and the average uplink speed is 9.4 Mbps.

In 2016, the population of Georgia was approximately 10.31 million. More than 85% of residents have access to the Internet, especially broadband connections.

Main Internet services provided in Georgia consist of the following:

– Cable – 85% coverage
– DSL – 89.5% coverage
– Fiber – less than 12% coverage

Main Internet Service Providers located in Georgia are as follows:

– Comcast (Cable) – 96.8% availability
– AT&T (DSL) – 95% availability
– Shelby Broadband (Fiber – select areas) – less than 10% availability

Gigabit Internet in Georgia

Gigabit Internet services are not very popular in Georgia, and this is shown by the relatively low penetration percentage of 11%. Comcast and Hotwire Communications are among the few ISPs that provide gigabit Internet locally. Comcast delivers this service through existing coaxial lines, while Hotwire provides it through fiber-optic lines. It should also be noted that the latter provider’s services cater to businesses exclusively.

Colocation Datacenters in Georgia

According to, there are currently 40 colocation datacenters located in Georgia. Most datacenters are established in Atlanta (37), while the rest are distributed across various cities, such as Buford and Carrollton.

Important colocation providers established in Atlanta consist of the following:

– Digital Realty
– DataSite
– Coloblox
– Equinix, Inc.
– Level 3 Communications
– Global Net Access

Prominent Colocation Providers – DataSite

One of the largest colocation providers located in Atlanta is DataSite. This company operates a 72,500-square-foot state-of-the-art facility situated 15 miles away from downtown Atlanta. The datacenter is one of the most sought-after in Georgia, thanks to its top-grade infrastructure that ensures high-quality colocation services are provided to a wide array of tenants. Services include rental of office space, suites, cages, rack cabinets, footprints, and diverse enclosures.

Amenities consist of the following:

– Immediate Proximity to Utility Substations
– Diverse Underground Fiber Entrances
– Isolated Infrastructure Rooms
– Precast Reinforced Concrete Walls

The power infrastructure is made of the following elements:

– Underground Utility Feeds
– Multiple Independent Utility Feeds
– Immediate Proximity to High-Voltage Utility Substations
– N+1/2N UPS Power Equipment
– N+1/2N Diesel Generators
– 72 Hours of Reserve Fuel Onsite

Additionally, the datacenter features carrier neutrality, providing access to a wide array of telecoms and carrier hotels located in close proximity, through the existing underground fiber-optic infrastructure.

Prominent Colocation Providers – Coloblox  

Another prominent colocation provider located in Atlanta is Coloblox. This provider owns and operates a facility that is situated on the north side of Atlanta at the corner of I-75 and I-285. The datacenter is reputed locally for its great colocation services that cater to a large clientele. The facility specializes in providing colocation, dedicated servers, and diverse cloud solutions. Colocation services include rental of office space, cages, rack cabinets, footprints, and diverse enclosures.

Amenities featured in this datacenter are as follows:

– Carrier-Neutrality, with Connectivity to AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, etc.
– Close Proximity to Diverse Utility Substations
– Extensive Fiber-Optic Infrastructure
– High Security Standards

The power infrastructure consists of the following components:

– N+1 UPS Power Equipment
– Diesel Generators
– Diverse Backup Generators
– HVAC Systems for Optimal Temperature and Humidity Controls

Colocation Industry in Georgia

Georgia is one of the most developed colocation markets in the Southeast, and this aspect is demonstrated by the relatively high number of colocation providers established in the region, in direct comparison with other less developed markets, such as North Carolina, Kentucky, and Tennessee. The market has seen numerous investments from local and national companies, such as Digital Realty, Datasite, Equinix, as well as Level 3 Communications. On top of investments made by traditional colo providers, the growing strength of this market can also be illustrated by investments made by other companies, such as Ascent, which now operates two state-of-the-art datacenters in metro Atlanta.

Advantages for Colocation

There are many advantages for colocation in Georgia:

– very low propensity for natural disasters, making Georgia one of the safest states in the U.S. in terms of colocation
– very low costs of electricity, which can go as low as $0.045 per kWh (inclusive of tax)
– close proximity to other top and emerging states, such as Texas
– many datacenter tax breaks to encourage further investments

Disadvantages for Colocation

We can underline a few disadvantages for colocation as well:

– scarce supply for colocation space
– limited choice of datacenters outside Atlanta
– quite underdeveloped technical infrastructure