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New Hampshire Web Hosting

Quick Facts

Internet Speed: 25.7 Mbps downlink; 5.8 Mbps uplink

Internet Coverage: 80% of residents

Main Internet Services: Cable, DSL, Fiber

Main Internet Service Providers: Comcast, FairPoint, TDS

Colocation Datacenters: 7

Internet in New Hampshire

According to, the average downlink Internet speed in New Hampshire is 25.7 Mbps and the average uplink speed is 5.8 Mbps.

In 2016, the population of New Hampshire was approximately 1.4 million. Over 80% of residents have access to the Internet, especially broadband connections.

Main Internet services provided in New Hampshire are as follows:

– Cable – over 85% coverage
– DSL – over 75% coverage
– Fiber – less than 30% coverage

Main Internet Service Providers located in New Hampshire are the following:

– Comcast (Cable) – 85% availability
– FairPoint (DSL) – 80% availability
– TDS (Fiber) – less than 30% availaibility

Gigabit Internet in New Hampshire

Gigabit Internet services are scarcely available in New Hampshire, due to the state’s rather old Internet infrastructure which has not been renewed in a long time. In November 2015, FairPoint Communications unveiled their plan to offer gigabit Internet to Portsmouth residents, with further intentions to expand the service to other surrounding communities. Where available, the service is provided through fiber-optic lines.

Colocation Datacenters in New Hampshire

According to, there are currently 7 colocation datacenters located in New Hampshire. Most datacenters are located in Manchester (4), followed by Littleton (1), Keene (1), and Lebanon (1).

In Manchester, the most important colocation providers are the following:

– FirstLight
– Dynamic Internet, LLC.
– ColoSpace
– Spectra Access

Prominent Colocation Providers – FirstLight

One of the biggest colocation providers located in Manchester is FirstLight. This company operates a 15,000-square-foot facility located in the central business district, and is a premier choice for customers looking for a solid presence in New England. The datacenter specializes in providing wholesale and retail colocation services, in addition to diverse disaster recovery and business continuity solutions. Amenities include: redundant UPS power equipment, N+1 HVAC configuration, leasing of rack space, cabinets, and enclosures. The location features carrier neutrality, with on-site access to multiple Tier 1 providers and private peering arrangements for direct in-region connections.

Prominent Colocation Providers – Dynamic Internet

Another important colocation provider located in Manchester is Dynamic Internet. This company operates a facility which serves a wide array of national ISPs, content providers, software developers, and other businesses related to technology. Amenities include: redundant IP and fiber network backbone, HSRP/VRRP technologies, redundant UPS power equipment, carrier neutrality with access to multiple Tier 1 providers.

Colocation Industry in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is currently regarded as a secondary colocation market. Current trends indicate moderate growth in investments in comparison with preceding years, but are not so much so significant to actually influence the landscape of the market, even less to render it competitive with other top markets. Due to the state’s lack of proper technical infrastructure and its harsh continental weather, customers are still opting for substantially-more-expensive New York and New Jersey, which are located in very close proximity.

Advantages for Colocation

However, we can underline a few advantages for colocation in New Hampshire relative to other surrounding markets:

– the state’s small size, which reduces latency significantly
– relatively low costs for electricity, lower than New York, but higher than New Jersey
– datacenter-friendly laws and other incentives to facilitate investments