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Quick Facts

Internet Speed: 6.5 Mbps downlink; 5.4 Mbps uplink

Population: 19.8 million

Internet Coverage: 85% of residents

Main Internet services: Cable, DSL, Fiber

Main Internet Service Providers: Time Warner Cable, Verizon, FIOS by Verizon

Colocation Datacenters: 103

Internet in New York State

According to, the average downlink Internet speed in New York is 6.5 Mbps and the average uplink speed is 5.4 Mbps.

In 2016, the population of New York was approximately 19.8 million. More than 85% of residents have access to the Internet, especially broadband connections.

Main Internet services provided in New York are as follows:

– Cable – 95% coverage
– DSL – 85% coverage
– Fiber – less than 50% coverage

Main Internet Service Providers established in New York are the following:

– Time Warner Cable (Cable) – 95% availability
– Verizon (DSL) – 90% availability
– FIOS by Verizon (Fiber) – less than 50% availability

Gigabit Internet in New York State

Gigabit Internet services are scarcely available in New York State, as reflected by the very low penetration rate of only 5.8%. A small percentage of New York City residents currently have access to gigabit Internet, provided by RCN via existing coaxial copper lines. As a direct response to the introduction of this service, Time Warner Cable and Verizon have also increased their speeds, but not enough to actually compete with gigabit speeds.

Colocation Datacenters in New York State

According to, there are currently 103 colocation datacenters established in New York State. Most datacenters are located in New York (51), followed by Buffalo (13), Long Island (13), Albany (10), along with some 5 smaller cities.

In New York City, prominent colocation providers include the following:

– Core Site
– Colo Guard
– Atlantic Metro
– Digital Realty
– vXchnge

Prominent Colocation Providers – TELEHOUSE

One of the largest colocation providers established in New York City is TELEHOUSE. This company operates a 16,000-square-foot facility located only 15 minutes away from Manhattan, in one of the most secure business areas in NYC. The datacenter specializes in providing wholesale and retail colocation services, in addition to diverse disaster recovery and business continuity solutions. Amenities include: 4 commercial power sources, redundant cooling equipment, diverse fiber entry points into the building. The datacenter is carrier neutral, with on-site access to multiple ISPs and other colocation providers that operate in close proximity.

Prominent Colocation Providers – Digital Realty

Another important colocation provider located in New York City is Digital Realty. This provider operates a 104,000-square-foot facility that specializes in providing wholesale and retail colocation services to a wide array of customers. Amenities include: utility power capacity of 6700 KW, N+1 – 2N UPS power capacity of 2900 KW, as well as a DC power capacity of 600 KW. The datacenter features carrier neutrality, with on-premise access to many ISPs and other colocation providers, including Cogent, DTAG, GTT, Atlantic Metro Communication and UPX Technologies.

Colocation Industry in New York

New York is one of the most sought-after colocation markets in the United States, which has seen numerous investments from multi-million-dollar companies, such as Digital Realty, CoreSite, ColoGuard, as well as vXchnge. New York City in particular is widely known for its high cost of doing business, which more often than not deters small and medium-sized colocation providers from building in the region. Therefore, some providers favor the substantially-cheaper New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and even New Hampshire as of late. Most colocation providers are concentrated in Manhattan, in rather old tower blocks which have been reconditioned to serve as datacenters.

Advantages for Colocation

New York boasts an extensive series of colocation-related advantages. The most important advantages are as follows:

– great business climate which encourages healthy competition between providers
– renewed technical infrastructure in the Manhattan area
– there is much demand for colocation services, driven by industry fields such as financial, healthcare, insurance, media, technology, transportation, as well as telecommunications

Disadvantages for Colocation

However, there is also a series of disadvantages that we can underline, which are:

– very high electricity cost (3rd in the country, according to
– very high risk of natural disasters (2nd in the country, according to
– underdeveloped technical infrastructure outside Manhattan, and in the rest of the state in general

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