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Wisconsin Web Hosting

Quick Facts

Internet Speed: 25 Mbps downlink; 8.9 Mbps uplink

Population: 5.77 million

Internet Coverage: 95% of residents

Main Internet Services: Cable, DSL, Fiber

Main Internet Service Providers: Time Warner Cable, AT&T

Internet in Wisconsin

According to Akamai.com, the average downlink Internet speed in Wisconsin is 25 Mbps and the average uplink speed is 8.9 Mbps.

In 2016, the population of Wisconsin was 5.77 million. Over 95% of residents have access to the Internet, especially broadband connections.

The main Internet services provided in Wisconsin are as follows:

– Cable – over 80% coverage
– DSL – over 75% coverage
– Fiber – less than 20% coverage

The main Internet Service Providers located in Wisconsin are the following:

– Time Warner Cable (cable) – over 90% availability
– AT&T (DSL) – over 85% availability
– AT&T (Fiber) – less than 15% availability

Gigabit Internet in Wisconsin

AT&T is currently one of the few companies to deliver gigabit Internet to business and residential customers located in the state of Wisconsin. In most cities where the company operates, such as Milwaukee, the service is delivered through existing coaxial copper lines, using the latest DOCSIS 3.1 technology. The service used to be available only to businesses located in select business parks. Nowadays, this service is available to residential customers as well. Time Warner Cable have also shown interest in rolling out gigabit services to Wisconsin residents, but no concrete plans have been released in this matter.

Colocation Datacenters in Wisconsin

According to datacentermap.com, there are currently 27 colocation datacenters located in Wisconsin. Most datacenters are established in Milwaukee (15), followed by Madison (5), Appleton (2), and other cities, such as Green Bay and Eau Claire.

Milwaukee Datacenters

In Milwaukee, the biggest colocation providers are the following:

– Vaultas
– Veoila North America
– Ethoplex
– Cogent Communications
– Data Holdings, LLC.
– ISCorp
– Transcendent

Madison Datacenters

In Madison, the biggest colocation providers are the following:

– Hoyos Consulting, LLC.
– US Signal Company, LLC.
– OneNeck IT Solutions
– EdgeConneX
– Dane Country Data Exchange

Prominent Colocation Providers in Milwaukee

One of the biggest colocation providers located in Milwaukee is Ethoplex. Their 43,000-square-foot datacenter specializes in providing wholesale and retail colocation services, in addition to disaster recovery, business continuity and diverse backup solutions. The facility is carrier-neutral, providing on-premise access to over 10 telecommunications providers and other colocation providers, such as Time Warner Cable, and AT&T. Colocation providers include: Cogent, Level 3, Global Crossing, Sprint, Savvis, US Signal, etc.

Prominent Colocation Providers in Madison

One of the biggest colocation providers located in Madison is US Signal, whose main datacenter is located in downtown Madison. The facility specializes in wholesale and retail colocation services, in addition to diverse backup solutions. This carrier-neutral facility is interconnected with other 7 US Signal-operated facilities located in the Midwest, connected by over 14,000 miles of fiber optic network.

Colocation Industry in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is currently regarded as a secondary datacenter market, owing to many reasons centered around the mediocre Internet infrastructure, the legislature’s lack of interest in stimulating the market, as well as the state’s relatively unfavourable position within the United States.

Investments & Advantages

This state attracts moderate investment because it is located in close proximity to other top and emerging markets, such as Michigan, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York, as well as New Jersey. Customers opting for colocation services provided by Wisconsin-based operators are attracted primarily by the low costs for leasing space, and the service diversity (wholesale, retail, business continuity, disaster recovery, backup, etc.). Additionally, large users with high MW needs usually find that Wisconsin is a great relative to neighbor states due to the low costs for electricity – this state ranks 31st in the United States in terms of electricity costs, according to eia.gov.


Wisconsin’s economy is driven by manufacturing, agriculture and healthcare, in addition to retail, tech, and banking industries. Demand for colocation is driven by these fields, especially the latter two, which are in urgent need of enterprise-level colocation services, currently provided by very few companies.

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